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Providing specialised services worldwide

Kuber Group is a world-renowned conglomerate of experts in the field of consulting, global business development, project management and strategic alliance that provides customised professional expertise for your business in any part of the world. The company is based in Estonia and spearheaded by Vidhi Brahmbhatt, a dynamic entrepreneur who is passionate about assisting companies and businesses to be relevant, successful and highly profitable in the ever-evolving market dynamics.

We, at Kuber Group provide specialised services worldwide. Our headquarters is located in Estonia with a plan to keep associate offices across the strategic locations in the world. We have a network of professionals in several fields including healthcare, petrochemicals, real estate, banking, finance and mortgage, logistics, data science to name a few.

Adhering to a stringent culture of work and ethics, our highly motivated and enthusiastic team is an ambassador for our company values of loyalty, integrity, and dynamism. Our expansion plans are making headway and we will launch independent offices in USA, Africa, Dubai, Hong Kong, India by 2025.


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Focuses on its USP of being a one stop end-to-end business solution provider

There are multi-faceted services needed for companies and businesses in the present market scenario. Right from sourcing to scaling up, finances to finding alliances, research administration to revenue management, legalities to leveraging and of course sound decision making. The possibilities are endless and opportunities beckoning at every step. Kuber Group focuses on its USP of being a one stop end-to-end business solution provider for any road block or problem that businesses encounter in achieving short-term or long-term plans.

Our Vision

To be recognised as a key business provider of strategic consulting and execution for the development of growth strategies across major global economies.

To become a recognised global solution specialist in all sectors of business
and service.

Our Mission

To become a recognised global solution specialist in all sectors of business and service.


Our Story

Driven by excellence, Vidhi Brahmbhatt, a graduate in pharmacy started a niche solution-providing start-up with focus on pharmaceutical companies. He identified pragmatic problems surrounding big players and addressed them with customised solution plans. By designing and implementing turn-around and scaling up solutions he won the confidence of her clients who began to turn to him for expertise in several new domains of operations. References from them edged Vidhi Brahmbhatt to expand her wings and build a team of professionals, all experts in their respective fields to service HNIs, entrepreneurs, start-ups, MNCs, professionals and conglomerates across the world with unique requirements and expectations. Top confidentiality and deadline-driven outcomes have helped Kuber Group become a force to reckon with today. With top projects, a host of elite clients and beckoning international networks Kuber Group, in a short span of time, has delivered the unthinkable.